The Antique Quilt Frame Chronicles – A New Beginning.

The Quilting Frame by Kasha Lunt. I'm passionate about hand quilting (hear me discuss this topic in the Haptic and Hue podcast and on the Quiltfolk Show & Tell this autumn 2021). In a world where patchwork usually takes top billing, I always like to sing the creative and aesthetic praises of quilting. The idea… Continue reading The Antique Quilt Frame Chronicles – A New Beginning.

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Deconstructed Welsh Quilt

Quilt historians have postulated that the graphic modern shapes and rich woollen colours of antique Welsh quilts are the origin for the much vaunted modernist quilts that went on to be made by the American Amish. Certainly, non-conformist religious migrant communities are documented as having stopped off in South Wales to restock ships as they… Continue reading Deconstructed Welsh Quilt