My Quilts

The Mid Century Modern Quilt



This post is picture light because the making of most of this quilt predated my latest phone gallery and stretches back into the pre history that was when you had to do torturous things to take your pictures with you from an old iphone and I can’t find what happened to those picture now! I started making this quilt back in about 2011 or 2012 and I finally finished it and showed it at Festival of Quilts last year (2018). It was a long time coming!

The original idea was that I wanted to take all those breathtakingly elegant mid century shapes that the great Lucienne Day used in her work and transpose that into a Modern Quilt. I had been thinking on the term ‘Modern Quilting’ and wondering if the phase of true ‘modernism’ in the 1950s had created quilts that looked like the art and textiles being created in that time? This is an enduring obsession of mine and likely to be what i’m thinking about if i’m ever looking into space and you ask me ‘what are you thinking about?’ (Ref my obsession with the Arts and Crafts period and why there aren’t more quilts that look like the fabrics and embroideries from that era too!).

The unconventional layout, the range of techniques and the general ‘not really sure where i’m going with this-ness’ of this quilt made me doubt it ( a lot) but I was so gratified with how much love it got at Festival last year so it just goes to show that perseverance pays off!

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